We And Our Words Are Overproduced By Influence

Me: Tell me this does not look orgasmic
-shows picture of oreo brownie-
Sal: Tell me this does not look orgasmic
-whips out dick-









that awkward moment when wantagh is spelt wrong… #longislandproblems

this is painfully accurate

this is so accurate I have since felt a surge of nostalgia 

and another surge of “ugh, Jersey.” *scoff*

and OH HEY PSA ALERT there’s a town in eastern Long Island called Dix Hills

do not even TRY to tell me that all of tumblr doesn’t suddenly want to pick up and move there right this absolute second because I will know that you’re lying.

WE AREN’T WEIRDOS WE ARE IN WESTERN NEW YORK THOUGH- Like honestly how the hell is the exact west part of the state upstate? ( I’m in the Buffalo/Niagara area). I’m sorry that anything above NYC and Manhattan is upstate and yeah don’t get us mixed with the fingerlakes folks near ‘cuse, we aren’t in the same area. That’s like as much as a 3 hour drive distance from Buffalo 8I Okay but other than my ramble, this is pretty accurate. 

now im kind of fucking angry because people who live in the fingerlakes (ME.) call ourselves upstate new york.

OP clearly not from the fingerlakes. But yeah buffallo and everything west of the fingerlakes is western new york

fingerlakes is the fingerlakes the end

This is so accurate oh my god. ALSO WHY IS IT WEIRD THAT WE ARE WESTERN NEW YORKERS. Bitches don’t know their damn compasses BU I dont understand the fingerlakes either, Also strangely true about NJ although I thought that was every state that did that.

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